Paradigms & Anomalies – The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

This introductory talk explains the paradigmatic cycle Thomas Kuhn first described in his 1962 seminal work “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” In the presentation we also focus on applying Kuhn’s theories to the energy sector and describe potential solutions to improve the diversity and rate of innovation in energy science.

Energy as a Function of Time – Part – 1

In this video I define what the field in space is. It culminates in new definitions of how a force is assigned and what energy is as a function of time. It also explains why all energy systems are quantum open systems but behave like quantum closed systems. I also show why energy is conserved in conventional energy conversion processes based upon the self-symmetrizing mechanism. This video is the basis for understanding what free-energy is.

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Asymmetric Electric Systems Part – 2

Part 2 Asymmetric Electric Systems explains the self-symmetrizing mechanism in more detail. Going from there it shows the theoretical schematic of how an asymmetric system can work and an experimental example.

Quantum Open Systems-Reid-Cell Part – 3

Part 3 shows the manufacturing process of the crystal cell and the measurement data

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QPM – Part – 1

The animated film “Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum-Vacuum” explains the interaction between the energy within the quantum-vacuum and the energy flow in an electric circuit.

The animated film investigates following questions:
1. Which role do the broken symmetries play in electric systems?
2. What has the quantum-vacuum to do with electricity?
3. How does an electric field emerge and how does it proceed through space?
4. How is a force assigned?
5. What is the input energy used for?
6. Where does the energy from the output come from?
7. Why are the observable energies conserved?
8. What is energy?

Comment by Dr. Thomas Bearden
Comment by Ing. Eckhard Kantz
Comment by Dr. Gustav Hans Weber

QPM – Part – 2

Introduction into a time-based foundation of physics and electromagnetism

Marcus Reid gives a short introduction into his theoretical work, which relates to the foundations of physics and electromagnetism. He is using not an energy-based approach but a time-based description when it comes to the energy conversion process in electromagnetic systems. His work culminates in new definitions of what energy “is” and how a force is assigned. Marcus suggests that all energy around us is primarily a function of time.

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