Energy as a Function of Time


We develop the theoretical framework


We perform the fundamental research


We create the applicable solutions


The Research Laboratory for Vacuum Energy devotes its research to a method, which may enable us to use the energy inherent in the quantum vacuum as a source of energy.

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Concerning its basic construction, the Reid-Cell is related to a capacitor. Reid-Cells contain a solid polycrystalline silicate instead of a typical electrolyte. The Reid-Cell exhibits an entirely novel mode of generating electric energy.

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Technische Universität München

Master Thesis

Technical University Munich (TUM) – Master Thesis sees biggest potential in QPM technology.

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The documentary film “Symmetric Electric Systems and the Energetic Exchange with the Quantum-Vacuum” explains the interaction between the energy within the quantum-vacuum and the energy flow in an electric circuit.

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Research Laboratory for Vacuum Energy
Toelzerstr. 2, 82031 Gruenwald – GERMANY

tel: +49 / (0) 89 4523 1171

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